Get To Be Happy Bracelet: Patience


Get To Be Happy Bracelet: Patience



Dumortierite, also called the stone of patience, opens the door of insight and activates the third eye chakra. A spiritual stone that is said to facilitate communications with your spirit guides and angles, it is said to promote a positive attitude toward life and help you stay young at heart. It is a power healing stone that helps you take the necessary steps to overcome hardships and find solutions to any problems you may be having.

Pat Plattner

I am an artist and jewelry designer who embraces the Get To Principle. The gems I have chosen for the Get To bracelets have profound healing properties. I also use sterling silver for the charms, and each bracelet has a sterling silver Get To/Smile tag, to help remind us to live in the Get To state of mind. I hand make each bracelet with only the highest quality materials ensuring that they last for many years.